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Full Society's Kickstarter Journey: "This parachute is a knapsack!"

Since winning ETC's AccelerateBaltimore Startup Competition that we pitched at three months ago (in this post here) Full Society has been hard at work on its Kickstarter campaign, which is set to launch on April 5th. Here's how our team is doing as of today: Lauren (Cofounder and Creative Director) and myself (Jamie or "Jambles," the Communications Director) have been talking about our progress as a company and the long hours spent trying to perfect our Kickstarter campaign. Some days, we are refreshed and ready to take over the world with our awesome project, and other days feel sluggish, as we realize how much we still have to do. Sometimes we are floating down safely with our parachutes, and other days we are dropping out of the sky like little people wearing heavy backpacks.

(Just like Chandler.)


Full Society is dealing with those ups and downs as it works towards launching its Kickstarter campaign. Despite the occasional set backs that arise, we are in good spirits. On this Hump Day of March 25th, Full Society is compiling an enormous spreadsheet of contacts, pushing social media as much as possible, researching successful Kickstarter strategy, drinking LOTS of coffee, pulling all-nighters, meeting with every mentor we can get a hold of and applying to every grant we're eligible for.

Since our last post, what we have realized about the startup life is that while it's true it's often exciting, inspiring, and hilarious, bootstrapping can get wearisome. You love your work, your coworkers, the product that you're creating, which you hope will make a grand change to society, and you're sure that all of the money woes will pass eventually. Still, a startup's confidence in its ability to perform at its highest potential can feel like its fading when deadlines slide through your fingers (it's bound to happen--embrace it) and you aren't exactly where you thought you would be.

Despite those challenges, Full Society is strong and ready to go into this campaign and Demo Day as a workhorse team. We are in our final push towards raising all the seed funding we need, making a killer Kickstarter video, and getting everyone we know to lend a hand in our journey towards creating to a fully functioning app and thriving business.

So, we are working hard, keeping our ears open at meetings, shaking hands and chugging coffee to keep ourselves going. April is going to be a tough, but exciting month that culminates in the ETC Demo Day on April 29, right when our Kickstarter campaign is wrapping up. It's a lot to work on and think about, but when we step back and see how far we've come from January, we aren't scared.

We've got our parachutes ready.


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