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The Semi-Conscious Kickstarter Campaign: A Tale of Sweets and Lack of Sleep

Hello everyone! It's me (Jambles) again with an update on Full Society's progress for the week. In anticipation of writing this post, all I could think of were two things (both of which are crucial elements of daily living and overall well-being).

1. The consumption of post-Easter (or any post-holiday) candy


Allow me to explain: we are currently in our final week of putting the last-minute touches on our Kickstarter page. Our infographics are almost finished, we have filmed (and re-filmed and re-re-filmed) nearly every portion of our video, and we even survived an encounter with a huge, horrifying cockroach during our most recent filming session. We all nearly fainted in our chairs. Luckily, we are alive to tell the tale, and are feeling like this project is finally ready to be a super-powered force of mobile tech epic-ness.

BUT. That kind of hard work and dedication comes at a price. Namely, our beauty rest. Along with our combined lack of sleep there also comes the lackadaisical trend of not cooking our own meals. Vibrant green salads full of antioxidants have deteriorated into jelly beans, the gnawed ear of a chocolate Easter bunny, last night's reheated Progresso's a hard knock life when you've got a campaign to launch in just a few days.

On the bright side, our social media platforms are getting great hits, there are enough K-Cups left to keep us alive until Friday, and we are planning on taking the most AMAZING team nap once our Kickstarter goes live. Full Society is still excited about our future, in spite of the setbacks that have popped up along the way. All in all, the journey towards releasing our Kickstarter and working on our pitch deck for Demo Day (April 29th...can you believe it?!) has been a highly enjoyable--albeit semi-tumultuous--ride. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Now: back to work!


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