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When the going gets tough, go Indie

AT LONG LAST Full Society has launched its IndieGoGo campaign! Through the many technical difficulties and roadblocks we encountered along the way, IndieGoGo seemed like the best choice for us in the end. We love their setup, the positive vibe of the page, and the open arms feeling of seeking generous people to help us fund our project. The higher that the funding count climbs, the closer we feel to achieving our dream of a hunger-free America. Check out our campaign page and video HERE!

Can't you tell how EXCITED we are that our campaign is now LIVE?!?

We are perpetually pumped about our launch, but the work doesn't stop there!

Now that we have begun emailing our friends, family and mentors about our campaign, what's next? Well, a handful of things are on the docket:

1. Happy Hours (of the networking variety and for personal happy fun time)

3. Creating posters, flyers and other goodies for our Demo Day table on April 29th. We have also shanghaied Amy Langrehr (aka Charm City Cook) into baking some of her famous brownies for our table. Can you say OMNOMNOM?

4. Baking and cooking a lot to relieve stress in between long work hours

5. Running (Paige is the only one doing this)

6. Searching for grant and investment opportunities every day

7. Reading up on mobile payments, the restaurant industry and technology trends. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new, and always being in-the-know is a crucial element of the startup game.

Other than that, we are going to keep prepping our pitch deck for Demo Day and doing general campaign maintenance for the next 29 days. Little by little, our team is growing from a powerful foursome into a mobile tech powerhouse. We can't wait to see what the rest of April has to offer.

Until next time!



Check out the link below to join. Private Beta starts soon and spots are filling up quick.


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