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Our IndieGoGo Update: TRENDING and beyond

Since the grand launch of our IndieGoGo Campaign on Wednesday, the Full Society team has been hard at work on so many things and hit huge milestones so much quicker than we could have ever imagined! Our first goal was to launch. Obviously, we hit that mark. Our next goal was to get up to 15% funding so that we might trend on the IndieGoGo page. And then this happened:

We started trending on the IndieGoGo Technology page!!! 

So, since finding out that we were trending on IndieGoGo, here is what we've been up to:

1. Spreading the word about our campaign at every waking minute of every day, which includes:

  • Sending emails until our hands hurt and our fingers pop off like grapes
  • Posting links to our video all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin
  • Calling family and friends to harass them about funding our project
  • Buying swag and other such goodies for our perks (if you haven't checked those out yet, you really should, because they're fabulous)
  • And of course, making happy squealing sounds anytime that we find an article about us on the web.

Speaking of which, here is where we have been published since launching our campaign: Baltimore

Mobile Payments Today

Retail Customer Experience

Mobile Payment Magazine

We can't wait to see who else catches on to our project. Until then, keep funding us, guys! Your support means the world to us. As of 10am today, we are 25% funded, and counting!

Check out our IndieGoGo page HERE.

We will have more exciting updates for you once we reach 30% funding! **You can also read our updates directly on our IndieGoGo page, here.**

Until the next milestone,



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