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After Demo Day...Must Come Spring!

Goodness! What a month it has been. Time flies when you are pitching to investors, running an IndieGoGo campaign, celebrating belated birthdays, catching up on some much needed sleep...the list goes on!

Speaking of IndieGoGo: We are about halfway funded, but with only about two more weeks of our campaign left, we are in dire need of donations. If you've donated already, thank you from the very bottom of our hearts. Now, we just need more people to share the page so we can cast a wider net. More people = more chances to donate. Click


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Here's the gist of what we've been up to from Demo Day 'til now:

1. On Wednesday, March 29, Paige pitched at the Accelerate Baltimore Demo Day event. For the past couple of months, Lauren and I have been plugging away on our laptops during the day at ETC (where Demo Day took place), and Paige has been coming by in the evenings for meetings and other tasks that she can't quite devote the time to while at her other job. (More on Paige's hectic life later...)

Anyhoo, Demo Day was a complete success. We set up our table so that investors could visualize how it would look if they were actually in a restaurant. We had full table settings--wine glasses, plates, forks and all--plus a special treat: the famous salted caramel brownies from Baltimore's own

Charm City Cook

(aka Amy Langrehr)! Amy is so sweet (just like her brownies) and we were so thankful for the opportunity to showcase two Baltimore originals side by side.

 Sweet, sweet brownies.

Sweet, sweet brownies.

Our table also included our sample app screens (all graphics courtesy of the incredible Lauren) some beautiful flowers (also courtesy of Lauren) and our app prototype! It was surreal actually demonstrating the beginning stages of our app to everyone who stopped by our table. As far as the actual pitching went...well, let's just say we were HYPE! Everyone in the startup cohort did a fantastic job (and we're not just saying that because we think that they're the bomb diggity).

 Paige pitching at Demo Day

Paige pitching at Demo Day

Truly, everyone's pitches were leaps and bounds better than when we practiced in front of one another in the days prior. Our own pitch went swimmingly, with Lauren manning the clicker and Paige asking the audience: "Who has ever served or worked in the restaurant industry before?"

  Our fancy table!

Our fancy table!

As expected, a ton of hands flew up in the air, and we knew then that we'd nailed our target audience. All in all, Demo Day was a smash hit. Even though we were still a bit heavy-hearted with the unrest continuing in Baltimore that evening, we knew that this event was a sign of better things to come, not just for ourselves, but for Baltimore. Now, the curfew has been lifted and we are going to a post-Accelerate Baltimore bash next week to kick back and, for once, not talk about business. We can't wait to party!

2. Our next big announcement: we got two new team members!  Chris and Kevin have officially joined Full Society as our business development and strategy leaders. After basically drowning in estrogen the past couple of months, it's a blessing to have some dudes on the team to help strengthen the business and have some bro time. Even if that means sifting through business plans at 2:00 in the morning, we are super pumped to have them with us on this journey. Plus, Kevin is really good at making signs (see the legit one we had for Demo Day) and Chris is really good at business things. And being tall. He's been christened "Huge Man," but we are pretty sure that he doesn't love that nickname.

3. Another noteworthy event that happened this past week was the JHU Business Plan Competition. Paige and Lauren pitched together again at the event, along with some of our friends from Accelerate Baltimore and other startups from Johns Hopkins. We didn't end up winning, but we aren't too bummed about it. Onwards and upwards, as they say!

4. Paige and Lauren will be attending their first Dinner Lab meal on May 9th. They are super pumped about trying some unique cuisine and enjoying the same experience that we are offering in our IndieGoGo campaign as a perk! If you want to go out and eat like kings, then we highly suggest checking out

Dinner Lab

and then buying a discounted package through our campaign



5. With all of the craziness that happened in April, Paige and Lauren were forced to postpone both of their birthdays. Instead, they celebrated in style on May 4th and received some sweet gifts. Paige got herself a bike, Lauren indulged by watching whale documentaries, then Lauren bought Twister ("The Game that Ties You Up in Knots!") for Paige so that we can play the game at our Launch Party!

6. I mentioned at the beginning of this post that Paige's life was hectic. Since Demo Day, she has decided to devote even more time to Full Society, which requires her to downsize and tighten her purse strings. Thus, Paige will be moving out of her Harbor East apartment on June 9th and live the life of a couch-hopping vagabond until she finds her next apartment. No one ever said that the startup life was easy!

That's a lot of updates, and we are sure that there will be tons more as we get closer to finishing the app.

Until next time, cats and kiddies!



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