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Hey all! It's Jambles here with another update from Full Society. We have some AWESOME news! WE ARE FULLY FUNDED on IndieGoGo!

Woot woot! Victory dance!


It wasn't an easy ride throughout our campaign (and that's putting it lightly). We had two botched attempts at getting on Kickstarter, the realization that IndieGoGo was a better fit, then the process of revamping our page content a million times and re-shooting our video about the same amount of times. However, everything came together in the end, and the final result is beautiful. We are now at $20,492 and fully funded as of May 15th.

There were definitely moments on our journey where we got nervous and questioned ourselves, asking: what if we don't make our funding goal? What if our rewards are only cool to us and everyone else thinks we're totally lame?

Did I leave the oven on? What is the meaning of life? I WISH THE REAL WORLD WOULD JUST STOP HASSLING ME!

All Matchbox 20 references aside, we have come to realize that through great struggles comes great peace. We have a little extra now to keep us going and provide some peace of mind until our next obstacle presents itself. We cannot thank everyone who has supported us (mainly our friends, family and colleagues) enough for not only their monetary support, but their words of encouragement as we push towards a glorious product launch at the end of this summer/early fall. For more extended thanks, check out a message from all of us (posted on Baltimore Fish Bowl)!

In terms of our future, the biggest project we have right now is our application for TEDCO TCF, which would give us 100k to put towards development, marketing and the other inevitable expenses required in the startup life. We are also enjoying having two new team members, Kevin and Chris on board to help boost our business development and sales. They are both pretty chill dudes and  fit right in with the rest of us and our shenanigans. It's a match made in heaven!


In short, we are all giving you virtual high fives, much like Liz Lemon. We can't thank you enough for your continued support. Now, on to the next step towards achieving startup nirvana!

Until next time,



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