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Chef of the Week

Photo-4As Full Society spreads throughout the restaurant industry, we have had the pleasure of spending quite a bit of time with the creators of several fantastic food experiences and bar programs. We’ve been blown away by the creativity of the restaurant culture in Baltimore and we wanted to share! We want to introduce you to the brains behind the menus and give you some incite behind their craft. We will be featuring a chef and bartender of the week for 10 weeks. We would love to hear feedback on your favorites. So, please! Keep the comments coming!

Our first chef of the week is Jirat Suphrom-in.
PhotoHe is the creative brain behind My Thai in Fells Point. My Thai is a family-owned and operated Thai restaurant where Jirat Suphrom-in is the not only the executive chef at the age of 23, but also the winner of this year’s  Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament.Photo-1

My Thai Chef Jirat is accompanied by his Sous Chef Zach LeDoux (in the kitchen, and of course in the tournament). In Chef Jirat’s kitchen, he teaches each person himself, by hand, how to make dumplings for the restaurant. His enthusiasm and team-oriented attitude have truly impressed our team.

Jirat gave us some insight into what it’s like to be part of this Mason Dixon multi-week challenge. It features a single-elimination tournament to showcase some of the finest executive chefs in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area. Competitors are given a protein and a theme and instructed to come up with 3 courses inspired by the chosen protein and theme. This year, the protein was duck and the theme was chocolate.

While I wouldn’t have the slightest clue how to combine those two ingredients into a dish, Jirat did! He started with a dish he calls a “Lollipop”: It begins with fried duck leg. “Understanding protein is the most important part of the process,” says Chef Jirat. He takes the meat off of the leg and keeps the skin separate while marinating the meat in a spicy basil sauce. The meat is cooked in lemon grass, and Thai chili and ginger paste that is burned and blended. He then puts the meat back in the skin of the leg forming a lollipop shape, brushes the dish with Thai honey and then deep fries it in butter. How did he incorporate the chocolate? He tops it off with a red wine, dark chocolate reduction sauce. The result is a lollipop that’s certain to melt in your mouth!

Chef Jirat’s dessert is a Thai tea white chocolate ice cream. Sounds basic, right? Not Jirat’s version. His ice cream is served over bustling smoke (dry ice) to give everyone some ambiance as they enjoy their delicious dish.

What is most interesting about this chef, and the reason we chose him for our chef of the week, is his background and his spirit. Chef Jirat moved to the United States in 2008 from his home country of Thailand. He got right to work in his family’s kitchen and started learning the ropes as a dishwasher at My Thai. From the bottom up, he began observing the chefs (especially the head chef, his mom) to learn the art of cooking. Restaurant hours are long, but that didn’t stop Jirat from staying late and experimenting with the food.

While Jirat has taken culinary classes at AACC, he was inspired to travel and learn the cultures and cuisines of the world first hand. He would then bring this knowledge back to the kitchen at My Thai to passionately create daring and unique new recipes. Chef Jirat believes the future of cooking brings out endless creative possibilities. But, he also believes that it is important to value tradition and build off of it.

Chef Jirat speaks to his style, “I keep a calm kitchen with positive energy for the food. It’s like art – the food will speak for itself. A happy chef makes happy food”.  His passion, determination, and respect for his craft have more than earned Full Society’s first Chef of the Week title! We look forward to seeing what else you cook up, Chef Jirat.

Just a few of Chef Jirat’s delicious creations we at Full Society had the pleasure of tasting!


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