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Baltimore's Top Restaurant Industry Couple

Who is your favorite Baltimore restaurant industry couple?

In the restaurant industry we have come to meet some amazing people; fantastic chefs, inspiring bartenders... People who all have the same goal to make delicious food and drink while providing impeccable service and an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment for others. With Valentines day just around the corner we wanted to bring some of these awesome restaurant industry couples into the light. It’s a beautiful thing when people can share their passion with the ones they love.

Vote for your favorite restaurant industry couple! Full Society will announce the winner on Valentines Day and reward them with a gift card to one of our best restaurants.

Voting will end on Saturday night at the stroke of midnight, Cinderella style.


Trent & Erin

Trent and Erin are a married couple in Fells Point. Trent is the General Manager at The Horse You Came In On Saloon/ The Horse You Rode Out On Cantina and Erin plans awesome events and festivals for the local non-profit, Fells Point Main Street.

We met… in Fells Point through mutual friends. Erin was another local bartender. We've been together for 5 years. Is working in the same industry together a Pro or Con? Working in the same industry has been a pro, we both understand the long hours and what it takes to be in this business. This includes working holidays and missing out on weekend events, but it just comes with the territory and both of us understand that. As a couple: We have so much fun together. There is a lot of laughter in our house. We support each other and want the best for our family. We just genuinely love being around one another. Most romantic moment? At our wedding in Belize we had Wish Lanterns for everyone to send off. Even though friends and family were around, it felt like we were the only two people on earth. I will never forget the way she looked… breathtaking. How did he propose? Trent proposed at our baby shower in January, 2012. I had absolutely no idea it was going to happen, and just the day before we were talking about waiting a while before getting married. Favorite meal together? Mexican... Tacos, nachos, guac, queso ... All day every day. Valentine's Day Plans? To spend it spoiling Ava with love and presents, our favorite thing to do. 


Mark & Irena

Mark and Irena are the owners, managers, and a multitude of other roles for Alma Cocina Latina in Canton, as well as two other restaurants: Cafe Azafran and Alkimia, on the JHU Homewood Campus.

We met... under the chili peppers at Café Azafrán, when we were celebrating the Chinese New year.  Someone from New York gave the chili peppers to Irena and told her that she would find love if she stood under them. How long have you been together? We’ve been together since 2007 but are still newlyweds.  Our 4-year anniversary is June 16th. Working in the same industry has its pros and cons. On the bright side, it is essential in a way to be together, because this industry absorbs your time completely and it is relentless if you want to keep your business with a heart and soul. So we spend all of our time together, and most of it we spend working.  Thank goodness we like each other so much! On the other hand, it is crucial to establish a side-by-side, equitable relationship. Tell us about yourselves Mark: Irena is the most beautiful woman… no, person… I’ve ever met.  She has a passion for life, humanity and justice that drives her vision.  I am without a doubt the luckiest man in the world. Irena: Mark wakes up with a smile, and goes to bed with a smile. Do you know how wonderful that is??? He is also kind and funny and generous and, most importantly, he is a human being that makes everyone feel at ease wherever he is. He is a keeper. It’s going to sound corny but we are not only husband and wife but also best friends and lovers.  There are times when I have the middle school butterflies when we’re together.  Most romantic moment? There are so many. But the most romantic one was getting married surrounded by our friends, our families, our children and our grandchildren. Not everybody gets to be celebrated by 4 generations of immediate family. How did he propose? Irena had decided that she was too old to get married.  Then one day she came home and told me about a small engagement ring that she liked and decided right then that it was okay to get married. No lie, that’s how it happened. Valentine’s Day Plans? We’re going to share Valentine’s day with our staff and guests of Alma.    


Julian & Beth

Beth is a bartender and server at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion and Julian is the beverage director at Ouzo Bay.

How did you meet? We first met when I went out for my birthday to Ouzo Bay, where he was working at the time. A mutual friend introduced us. Julian liked me right away.  A few weeks later I started working at Ouzo Bay with him. How long have you been together? We dated for a few months, took a break, and have now been together for 18 months. Is working in the same industry a pro or con? Definitely a pro. We have the same work hours and lifestyle, and lots of restaurant related stuff to talk about. Tell us a little about yourselves Beth: I am a student at Towson University. I’m studying psychology right now, but eventually want to get a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. I am also working on becoming a certified sommelier through the Court of Masters. Julian has an engineering background, but is very happy with where he works now, and wants to grow with the company. Together?  We both enjoy spending time with our family and a few close friends. We are pretty tame. We really enjoy going out to restaurants and enjoying a really great meal, and we both love wine; learning about it and going to tastings. Most romantic moment? Last summer, Julian and I went to Greece with a small group of people. When we were in Santorini, he took me to a private place away from the group members so we could watch the beautiful sunset just the two of us. How did he propose? Julian took me to a winery in Barboursville, Virginia. After a tour of the winery, we had a private tasting with the wine maker. The tasting room was overlooking the vineyards. The winemaker stepped out of the room and Julian and I went to look at the view. After a few seconds, he got down on one knee and popped the question! I was so shocked and excited, I couldn’t stop giggling. Favorite meal to share? We both really love going to Rose’s Luxury in D.C. We go there for almost every special occasion. We also love to order Indian or Thai food and just stay home, and watch a movie. Valentine’s day plans? Working!



Kosta & Marama

Kosta is the Executive Chef for Ouzo Bay and Azumi. Marama is a hotel concierge at the Four Seasons in Baltimore.

How did you meet? We were on the Four Seasons Baltimore opening team – Kosta as a Chef at Wit & Wisdom, and Marama a receptionist for Concierge. How long have you been together? Going on 2 years. Working in the same industry is a pro or con? We think it's a pro to both work in Hospitality. We both work a lot of hours and work tends to follow us home. We have matching schedules and our careers complement one another, so we often brainstorm together. #power couple.  We work in the same building but we’re able to keep work separate (aside from lunch time smooches). Tell us about yourselves. Kosta is from Athens, Greece but Southern cooking is his jam. I (Marama) am from Maui Hawaii and never want to go back. We do everything together and get separation anxiety ... Seriously. Most romantic moment Walking to the top of the Acropolis in Greece was exhilarating and romantic. Nothing like smooching and holding hands, and taking in that view. Favorite date food? Mondays are our #datenight and we always pick a new spot to eat in Baltimore or DC. Valentine’s Day Plans? Since we’re both in Hospitality and Valentine’s is one of the busiest days for both a Chef and Concierge, we are taking a mini #datevacation to Boston and staying at the Four Seasons the week before.



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