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Bourbon, Baltimore, and Giving Back

            In a little over a week, we are putting on a whisky tasting event with the Baltimore Bourbon club to feature one of Baltimore’s newest treasures, Sagamore Rye Whiskey.  The event is being hosted at Alma Cocina Latina, a Venezuelan-inspired restaurant in Canton, Baltimore. 

            One of Under Armour's founder and CEO, Kevin Plank's, newest ventures is revitalizing Sagamore Farm.  One way he is accomplishing this resurrection is through a brand new american rye whisky, Sagamore Spirit.  The brand new distillery is set to open in 2016 in South Baltimore’s Port Covington.  They have distribution covering most of Maryland and stretching into surrounding states.

            The Baltimore Bourbon Club is exactly what it sounds like, a club.  It is a group of peers in Baltimore that like to drinking and talk about bourbon.  On their Facebook page, they describe themselves as, and I quote, “a group that is devoted to promoting the education and consumption of bourbon among a group of peers.”  So naturally when the idea of working and setting up a tasting event with them, it was a no brainer.

            Alma Cocina Latin is a Venezuelan-inspired restaurant cranking out dishes and flavors that you would think only existed in dreams.  If you don't believe us, feel free to checkout their accolades yourself.  They combine art, food, and flavor in everything they serve.  We couldn't be happier to host our tasting event there.  The best part is the specialty menu being prepared for the event.  Just another reason to buy a ticket.

 The beautiful decor at Alma Cocina Latina

The beautiful decor at Alma Cocina Latina

            All the proceeds from the tickets sold directly benefitting our partnered nonprofits Paul’s Place, Maryland Farmers Market Association, and Helping Up Mission.

            Paul’s Place, started in 1982, works to give the residents of the southwest Baltimore neighborhoods of Washington Village/Pigtown and surrounding neighborhoods access to programs, services, and meals.  The goal of Paul’s Place is to give those residents access to health services, housing, education, and meals by the year 2020.

            The Maryland Farmers Market Association works to improve the quality of work and products to Maryland’s farmers markets.  They provide training and education to increase quality and capacity to farmers markets. One main goal of theirs is to increase access for residents and visitors to farmers markets and make markets more accessible for lower-income residents.

            The Helping Up Mission is a nonprofit that aims to help men in Baltimore get back on their feet and back to their lives after struggling from addiction, homelessness, and poverty.  They provide programs that give a place to sleep, food, clothes, and help on the road to recovery.

          We are so excited to be able to feature a Baltimore bourbon along with the Baltimore Bourbon Club to benefit some local charities! Wednesday August 24 at 6:30 join us for a drink at Alma Cocina Latina. Tickets can be purchased here on Event Brite . We look forward to tasting some Bourbon with you!            



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