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We Came, We Drank, We Gave Back!

If you have seen any of our social media pages at all since the start of August, you probably noticed that we had a whiskey tasting event.  But, if you haven't seen any of our social media pages, 1, go follow all of them now, and 2, you might not have known that we had a tasting event on August 24th.  Let me tell you now, it was a great time.  There were drinks, food, people, and smiles everywhere you looked.


  Let me give you some background of the event.  We teamed up with the Baltimore Bourbon Club, a group of people that drink together, to set an event up to feature Baltimore’s own, Sagamore Rye.  The event was hosted at Alma Cocina Latina in Canton, Baltimore.  Other than drinking Sagamore’s Rye Whiskey, the event was to benefit the nonprofits that we, Full Society, partner with. Those nonprofits are Paul’s Place, The Helping Up Mission, and The Maryland Farmers Market Association.  And we couldn't be happier with the results, raising over $1,100! Thanks to everyone who came out to support!

 For the night, guest bartender, Aaron Joseph, made three specialty cocktails that included Sagamore Rye.  The name of the drinks were Reclaimed Glory, Black-Eyed Rye, and Rye in Robes.  I didn't come up with the names, although I wish I had because they sound as awesome as they tasted.  Each drink was different from the next, but all great in their own right.  But thats not all, the great people of Alma made a food pairing menu for the night.  Some items included Lobster Gazpacho, can’t go wrong with that.  A Latin Pastrami Sandwich (pictured below), which was bomb, and Tequenos, which were like a mozzarella stick but like 1000% better, and you have to believe me because I'm no stranger to mozzarella sticks. 

   Basically the night was a 100% complete success.  It could not have happened without the amazing people of Alma, Sagamore, Paul’s Place, Helping Up Mission, Maryland Farmers Market Association, and The Baltimore Bourbon Club.  Thank you everyone who came and made the night a blast!




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