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We are extremely excited to introduce Full Society, the premiere socially conscious mobile payment application, and immensely thankful to you for signing up for our beta testing. As beta users, we rely on your input to continually develop our application to the highest standards. For those who may not know, the term beta is used to denote a time period in which a new product or idea is tested by a group to resolve any bugs or issues that may take place during its use. Before Full Society is completely launched into the market we want to make sure our app is working at 120%. So with your help and feedback we will be able to make Full Society the most seamless socially active mobile payment process to date.

You can now begin to experience the pleasures of dining out at your pace without the hassles of waiting for your check or splitting it amongst your friends. Additionally, you now have the power to change the way payment processing is handled to help those who struggle with hunger in your communities. Here at Full Society, we want to develop communities of “do-gooders” by creating closer connections between the restaurants in our communities, those who dine there, and organizations that are geared towards alieving hunger. We believe we can reach this goal with YOUR help and begin impacting our communities immediately.

We ask that you help address any issues you may run into during our beta period by completing our “Support Request Form”. Also, we are always striving to provide the best for our users, so if you think of any features or additions you would like to see in the future please let us know. We are endlessly working to make Full Society the best it can be and any input will help us get there! Thank you again and enjoy using Full Society!

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Do you like food, friends and the idea of a generous, united community? Then sign up to be a beta tester and get early access to Full Society before it goes live! In exchange for your feedback and support, you'll also get an invitation to our launch party.

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Help the Full Society team to execute our for-profit business model focused on giving back to the community.

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